Tuesday, November 06, 2007


i went to vote today and one of the election workers was laughing and talking to himself as he read the voter's pamphlet. he said, "this guy says 'screw seattle!' i gotta vote for him!" so i pulled out my own copy of the voter's pamphlet and found the guy he was talking about. here he is (and somebody GOTS to vote for him - so seattle get out there and do your job):

America is being destroyed by corporate corruption, and we must fight back. Yet how can we bring George W. Bush and Bill Gates to justice if we can’t even reform our own local school board? In other news, did you know this may be Seattle’s LAST school board election? The media, public officials and school board candidates are complicit in their stunning silence on this issue.
A former Seattle Schools employee turned whistle-blower (see “The Olchefske Files” online), I’ve advocated an authentic audit of the district since my first campaign in 1999. (Our new superintendent hasn’t earned $250K!) Let’s replace the Seattle Education Association with a real union (e.g. the Wobblies) and ban the WASL, a tool used by corporations to keep children down.
I also advocate socialism - not Soviet-style, but more in line with Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez’ vision. The oil industry should be nationalized, and money spent on weapons used to murder civilians in Iraqistan would be better used to fund free medical care. (By the way, as a children’s advocate, I cannot support the troops who have slaughtered so many children in foreign lands. Shame on them.)
Our schools should similarly be un-privatized, and the Alliance for Education given the boot. (How many schools have been ruined or closed since Bill Gates began “donating” money to the Seattle School District?)
I say screw Seattle civility, and embrace children and democracy instead. Even if your only concern is rising property taxes, you ignore Seattle’s Education Mafia at your peril. Beware candidates who proclaim themselves “national education consultants” and avoid the issues yet are endorsed by our corrupt media. (Remember: The Seattle Times endorsed president AWOL.) (Continued at www.seattle-mafia.org; Bonus: My adventure with the privatized U.S. Postal Service!)

his website is:


and can you believe he is running for a school board position. his opponent might as well be listed in the pamphlet as "unopposed." but its contests like this one that cause me to sit back and just smile about everything american. and in case you didn't notice, i centered his picture to the left... way left.


jrm said...

on a sidenote... u gotta check out his website... he calls the current seattle school board member he is attempting to replace a "whore." wow.

ewesa said...

wow, I knew Nordstrom's had a shady look in it's eye! (listed as being in the 'Seattle Maffia'). but lest you fear for your life while shopping, don't worry, here's a direct quote:

"I’ve found little evidence to suggest that the Seattle Mafia operates like a traditional organized crime ring, at least in terms of physical violence. It appears that people who challenge the Seattle Mafia may be run out of town, and I’ve received death threats. However, I’m not aware of a single individual who has been murdered by the Seattle Mafia."

yep, he should be in closer contact with the kids, definitely.

stacer said...

Heh. I just got back from voting, myself. I was hurrying through the booklet, trying to get done before the poll closed, and wow, that picture. It really catches your eye as you're flipping through.

The primaries are even worse for the crazies.

Jane Says said...

now - this is a man who actually deserves to have his face and name all over someone's blog.

i LOVE seattle!

jrm said...


yes, lock up your children if this man ever wins a spot on the seattle school board. (even i would advocate for home schooling!)

and jane - you crack me up!