Friday, July 13, 2007

hey cindy, another reason to stay in seattle:

this has nothing to do with padek, but here is another reason for cindy (and everyone else that is moving away) to stay in seattle.


stephanie said...

Ah, I found the comments. I don't speak your language.

But here's what I want to say: It just occurred to me that all your friends are moving away. Let me know if you need me to go eat pho w/ you.

Can I still be excited abt Ichiro even if I don't know anyone else on the team, never watch any games and therefore can't really call myself a fan? Good, because I AM excited.

jrm said...

i always need someone to go eat pho with me. (noone else is brave enough to try it out! once they hear you can order it with tripe, its all over.)

and sorry about the other language, but that is to make the blog easier to navigate.

Jane Says said...

hey - I like to eat pho! You should ask me to go with you!

jrm said...

then let's go! the southend gots the best pho. (too bad the noodles aren't fresh like in california though; california, they got HOMEMADE NOODLES! thats some good pho right there.)

Maly said...

Okay, I'm a Mariner fan. This guy is hot!
Hey, Joy I heard the reunion went ok. Too bad we weren't there to get the party started. Everyone knows we are the party people.
I think you should think about moving to Cali now that your friends there are moving out.

John & Drew said...

Well if it's so fresh here in Cali... why don't you come stay at our house more often and take us to pho with you? Besides... Haley really misses you.

We're hiking Half Dome on 9/13 and have openings for hikers... come hike with us. You'll love it.

Sorry to hear that Seattle is loosing more great people.

Cindy said...

I really don't care for Pho all that much. I do like Ichiro though.

jrm said...

you don't like pho because you don't know how to "dress" it. once you figure that out, there aint no stopping the pho cravings... (some people eat it 7 times a week)