Thursday, July 12, 2007


this is it. the new camera that will allow me to make the padek movie. it replaces my annual trip to Laos, since it costs about the same. it came in last week (which is good except u.p.s. just left it sitting on my doorstep for the whole world to steal.) abes of maine did ok, but they didn't send me one of the extras they promised, so i still need to call and complain.

- i will also use the camera with work. some of the youth are going to do an oral history project, interviewing their parents about the refugee experience. many of the 2nd generation don't know their parents' story... well, they may know a few basic details: "they came here because of a war." but they don't know specifics, so this should assist in that regard. keep checking back for updates on how the 100% non-professional movies are coming along.


Jane Says said...

let the movie making begin!

jrm said...

jane you should be in the movie - i got a great part for you!


ewesa said...

the microphone makes it look so official. now I'm nervous for anyone who has to face it, it means business.

jrm said...

its so small though. (it looks big in the picture, but its small.) remember: objects are closer than they appear.

Kay said...

i eat badek too =)
congrats on the camera and good luck with the movie