Saturday, October 14, 2006


my street

spanish moss





Cindy said...

That's where you grew up? It looks so nice! I had pictured it looking something more like Bobby Boucher house in The Waterboy. With more crocodiles and whatnot.

ewesa said...

whoa, what hatched from that cocoon...? maybe the crocodiles cindy was talking about.
I like that you have a big yard.

jrm said...

louisiana is not seattle. even poor people have big yards here - it is a state law i think. (one of huey p.'s)

and lisa is the only person in kirkland with a big yard, and we all know what's gonna happen there. (2 mill$ houses on one lot).

the cocoon? probably a moth. we are never lucky enough to get a butterfly.

Anonymous said...

I guess people think alligators wander the streets & sidewalks of Louisiana. I think that is the case in most parts of Florida.

You definitely did "grow up" in Lowzy-anna. You were born in Torrance, Calif. but moved to La. 6 months later. Then you lived in Lomita, Calif. from age 3-1/2 to 5-1/2. Didn't do a whole lot of 'growing' in the Golden State. You were already saying "y'all" a few weeks after returning to B.R. in 1977.

jrm said...

thanks for the "joseph mills history" lesson. i was trying to get everyone to believe i was born in br and never left until i absolutely had to (i've been telling them our house was invaded by crocs and locusts and we had to flee the state). but now my cover is blown. i was born in california (not by choice) and went back there before i started school (not by choice)

but i did begin kdgtn here - the day after we arrived in '77.

the good ol' dayz.