Sunday, April 23, 2006

everybody's leaving hanoi

i am alone in hanoi. jacob left a little while ago - in a taxi to the airport, heading back to the usa. nick (friend from thailand) left this afternoon for bangkok, and nid (nick's girlfriend) and sophie (friend from england) left for the train station about an hour ago to catch a ride in a sleeper car to sapa. there they will visit some of the minority ethnic villiages of vietnam. we have really enjoyed wandering the city together.

so i am the last of our little group left. i will leave for viengchanh early tomorrow morning, and then i will head down south to meuang khong. the internet is scarce there, so you may not hear from me for a while.

vietnam is a country beyond description, and i have really enjoyed the visit here - although it was too short. but i am happy to be returning to Laos where the food, the people, and the pace are familiar.

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