Monday, April 10, 2006

born Lao, must love Lao

we made it to Laos... and i was surprized to find that it is just as hot here as it was in Thailand. wow. but i won't spend much time on that, or about our last morning in Thailand (just note the picture to the right, but there is an explanation: it has to do with a big muddy hole in the road and my inability to turn a wheel or step on the brake when i panic; i should not be allowed to drive a tuk tuk...)

anyways... too much has already happened here. i ate nem on arrival, and followed it up with geng nommai (with padek and kermit the frog)... and today i went in search of khao soi and found it at the morning market! i have been joking with kham that instead of documenting his "coming home" to Laos, (in case you didn't know, one of the goals of this trip is to get some video documetation of kham's first trip back to Laos), we should be documenting my obsessive search for favorite foods... (is that really what my life has become?)

anyway, a few more highlights: saw a an accident (a van hit a guy on a motorbike) while trying to watch a game of katau, took a boat around the nam nguem resevoir, and got a haircut and a shave. don't recommend the shave part, just do it yourself. it hurts real bad, and i hope it was a clean razor.

going south to savannakhet tomorrow for the new year. having fun in the humidity. sabaidee pii mai...


jacob said...

a documentary about joseph's search for food - I know that film way too well. I'm even willing to bet that despite the fact that Mangosteens are out of season - you are still looking for them.

Did you get my email about using my other email address?

jrm said...

yes i did get your email! but email me from that address though and make it a little easier for me - the internet is slow here.
and when i first read your comment abou me searching for mangosteen even though they are out of season, i accused kham of telling you... but truth is: you know me well... see you soon... i think we will get to viet on sunday.