Monday, January 23, 2012

a little change movie

now this is what i'm talking about... i'm liking this short film a lot. i only wish the subtitles were better. (baan nok shouldn't be translated as dummy, dummy.)


Anonymous said...

great film, I'm going to repost.

jrm said...

yes, they have another film that appeared in the luang prabang film festival. i will post on it soon.

Anonymous said...

After having been on some rough roads in Laos, that road looked pretty tame. A tuk tuk could tackle that with no prob. Really slow movie for my taste. But great message. I think they need to do a film about trash and keeping their surrounding environment clean. Trash is thrown everywhere in Laos.
I guess I'm not a true khun lao since I was having a hard time understanding their accent. -Bhet