Monday, April 18, 2011

culinary traditions, activists, and dog collars

start by reading this article here:

so i've talked about this before... and so i won't write too much here for fear of alienating a few people. but i do think there is a big difference between eating an animal that has been raised for consumption and eating an animal that was someone's pet. so i will need to rethink what i eat when i get to Laos next time. (reading this article makes me question my culinary decisions while abroad.)

i am not making any lenten-style promises here, but i'm really wondering if maybe i should just say no... thanks (like, yeah, thanks a lot) to jacob for making me aware of this article.



Dude, you were surfing Andrew Breitbart's website? UGH!! That guy is a freak (he gives freaks a bad name!!) Good article though.

Katie said...

Here's my (sorta) preachy response:

Joseph, an animal is an animal.. regardless of what specific use humans think the animals should serve!
It's our human conscience that creates a difference.
The dogs raised for butchering are still just little doggies... just never had the chance to win our love as pets.

The only difference to me in this issue is that there's another crime (theft) in the mix.

somchai said...

The fellow who wrote the new LP Laos, did a thing on the dog export industry out of Thailand through Laos to Vietnam on his personal blog.

I'm no shrinking violet when it comes to food, there is ope made from deer for Easter Dinner tonight. I've never had much inclination to eat dog, bear, cat.

jrm said...

hey somchai, do you have the link for that?

i guess my position on dog eating thing is that i think it's strange to say it's okay to eat one type of animal and not another. and for me, a dog raised as food is not different than a chicken or cow or deer or whatever. but i am not interested in eating an animal that somebody has formed a relationship with... and if i can't gaurantee that the animal hasn't been assigned "pet status," then i'd rather just pass on the meal altogether. and this is true for any type of animal, not just dog or cat. i mean, who wants to eat somebody's pet snake?