Monday, January 03, 2011

luang prabang

i had like 5 more pictures from luang prabang that i wanted to post, but the internet is being weird... so this is all i'm doing. (one of them was of a temple, another was of a night market, and then there was one with the monk teaching justin how to wai pha... so just imagine it in your head and it will be enough.


katie said...

Nice pics :)

Thought of you yesterday.. Luang Prabang was in my crossword puzzle!

mandy & ben said...

Just getting caught up on your blog, love the scenery shots! Beautiful! Happy Belated Birthday! We've been thinking about you a lot, Ben said he reaches for his phone to text you something almost daily but then remembers you are out of range... :) Can't wait to hear more about your trip when you return!

Mandy (& Ben)

Anonymous said...

When will you be home? I sent you a msg on FB.

jrm said...

luang prabang would have been the only one i would have known!!!

mandy, tell ben to text me anyway - my phone is actively receiving txt messages in hawaii. can't tell you how sad i'll be to get back and find no text messages on my phone hahahaha. actually, i just can't wait to play scrabble again.

ano... i'm never going back. found a job at the embassy here.


Ha Ha...not funny. (ano)


Huh? You are back in Hawaii?