Thursday, November 11, 2010

an inception vacation

so my december trip is kinda planned, kinda not. but i did get my philippines guide book, (and learned how to spell the name of the country and its people: filipinos), so i think that's the most important thing.

so i am first going to hawaii for 3 days. then to the philippines for a few days before going to thailand. (in the philipphines i will meet up with kone and keo and their kids) - and we'll spend a day or two in thailand before taking a train to Laos. we'll stay there for a week or so before heading back to thailand - then back to the philippines for some touring around there. then i am back to hawaii for a couple days, then back to seattle. (hence the name: inception vacation - because i have to revisit every layer of my vacation (with Laos as the innermost layer) before returning home. sorry if i insulted anyone's intelligence or made my joke "not funny" by explaining this.)

i will keep my blog updated while on my trip.


Lauren said...

That sounds like a fantastic and amazing trip. I am so jealous! Try saying Sino ang nanay po...or something like that (also sino ang iyon itay is a possibility), when you are in the phillipines. My friends taught me it in college. ;)

jrm said...

thanks lauren! i hope your phrase doesn't get me beat up or married to a 60 year old widow!

i am looking forward to it! just a few weeks away now!