Tuesday, September 14, 2010

the boat landing cookbook

a new northern Lao cookbook has been published and is available for purchase! thank you kees for letting me know about this! (he let me know that there are 3 recipes for padek inside!) maybe my life-long - well, not really life-long, but long enough - dream of making my own bucket of padek will finally come true. and i'm just waiting to see if it's got a good recipe for khao soi, the northern Lao's answer to the plain, not-nearly-as-good, vietnamese pho. as soon as i get my next paycheck, i'm going to order a copy!

but here is the cover art and link (below) so you can buy a copy and keep real Lao food in your kitchen and not a distant memory in the past.

and maybe i will abandon my plan to make all of the recipes in penn's cookbook, and i will start anew with this one. well, i really haven't made anything new out of hongthong penn's cookbook in a while anyway. sorry ben, i know you said you hate it when people say they're gonna do something with their blog, but then quit after a couple posts. that is me; let's hope you don't do the same.

this is a great website with lots of info and it's meant to be interactive - so take a look:


Dawn said...

oooh, thank you for this! I love anything to do with Laos and Lao food. I can't wait to get my copy. Sadly, I will have to wait til my next paycheck to order it.

jrm said...

i am in the same "boat." hahaha. tell me what you think when you get the cookbook. i am interested in seeing how it turns out~!