Thursday, February 25, 2010

lost its soul

whenever i go to a developing country, i like to get drunk, half-naked, and start kicking it crazy-style, all while i ponder the economic inequality in the world and my place within it all. i see it as a political statement really.

here are a couple youtube clips from vangvieng, Laos, of people doing just that:

well, at least these whities are contributing to the Lao economy right?
the link to the article i ripped them from:


Chad said...

Spring Break Laos!!!! Cancun is so last decade.

jrm said...

haha! yeah... when i was there back in 2003 there were some spring breakers there, but this has really devolved into something else.

yeah, Laos is definitely needs to put "what happens in Laos, stays in Laos" on their new tourism promotional posters.

Lauren said...

Wow. Do people just go there to exploit the fact that there dollar stretches a bit farther?