Friday, October 16, 2009


i'm adding a post script to my last post cause i am worried there's people out there making curry and its turning out really really bad. so ima go a little deeper with this. first, these are the specific ingredients that i used (and that i didn't show pictures of before:)the red curry paste

fish sauce - see my previous post about why i like three crabs the best.

coconut milk

sliced bamboo

the thai egg plant

and another note on the bamboo: i usually use the whole bamboo out of the can and cut it myself. it tastes better. but the sliced one is good if you don't have a lot of time. but make sure you rinse it thoroughly, or it'll have that been-in-a-can-for-way-too-long taste to it.

also, if you live in jonesville louisiana and you can't find these items in your local grocery market, you can order them at!

also, i had one reader that commented to me privately that broccoli should not be put in red curry. "i've never seen that before," were her exact words. i encouraged her to comment on this in the comment section of the blog, but alas... well, i haven't seen it before either i guess, but it sure tastes good when i use it. i always laughed at the people that used carrots, cause i just think that that's gross, but i have definitely seen carrots more times than broccoli... just not in my curry.

feel free to weigh in on this!


bug girl said...

I love broccoli in my curry, but I am more partial to green curry. My red curry just doesn't taste that good...can't wait to try your recipe and see.

D said...

Bhet would prefer to remain anonymous, but I'm going to put her out there because she's still got plenty to add to this curry discussion. Apparently she thought the broccoli might just be a white thing because she'd never heard of asians using it. She does use carrots, but says that's not gross it just gives it that sweet flavor.

jrm said...

i think the "white thing" comment is probably true, but i have asked several people (Lao) who have said you can put whatever. and it does taste good, so tell bhet to give it a try. and the carrots. i maintain that they're gross. but i have seen it in thai restaraunts, so it must be authentic. ha.

curiousfoodie said...

Hey Jrm,

This is Amelia! I'm a food blogger and I really enjoy your blog. :)

Would it be all right for you to share your email address with me? I'd like to get in touch with you regarding a project I'm currently working on - would like to see if you'd be interested in it.

Could you please drop me an email at amsiewong (at) gmail (dot) com?

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Thanks much!

jrm said...

hi amelia,
i sent an email to your gmail account. hope to hear from you soon!

John and Drew said...
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John and Drew said... we're talking. Every time I try to make ethnic food, I walk into the crazy asian markets around here and am overwhelmed and intimidated at which product to purchase. Thanks! Now I'll print and follow your lead. Hope its good... I'll let you know.

Hey what about green curry. And I have to say that I think carrots in curry are nasty unless it's orange curry and they're added at the end and aren't boiled to death. Yuck. I have seen broccoli, but not much. I'm trying to remember what was in my green curry I had on Thursday night. Humm, it's going to bug me now.


I had a can of spaghetti-Os with meatballs for dinner last night.

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