Monday, September 21, 2009

vang pao means free

i was kinda surprised to open my newspaper on saturday and find a little blurb about vang pao again. in case you aren't aware of him, look at my previous posts.

i thought he was gone away forever, but alas... he pulled through again! here's an article from the la times.,0,4697860.story


Anonymous said...

politician playing political games to win popularity.

Anonymous said...

...did someone baked catfish and not used any salt..fishy isn't it?

...this is why I don't blame the lao government being so harsh to the insurgents.

jrm said...

i have never been too sure which way to lean on this one. on one hand, i see how important vang pao is to the hmong community... but it was so weird that after all these years of talking about going back and 'taking over' Laos, that he actually tried to get a plan in motion. (however unrealistic it may have been.) so although there is a part of me that thinks he should let it go, i still am amazed by his perserverence and tenacity to his idea of a 'free' Laos