Thursday, October 09, 2008

back home

i am home in louisiana (wondering why i ever left). i missed all the hurricanes, but fallen trees - all cut up in pieces - still litter the roadsides, waiting to be picked up by the fallen-tree truck.
this picture is of my family. obviously an old picture. do you know which one is me?


bug girl said...

I'd have to say the cute kid in the back row with the glasses?

I know for sure you aren't the little girl in the white dress and the young lady in the flowered pants. I don't think you are one of the two lap babies, and then there is another girl you are not. So that leaves the boy with his thumbs in his pockets or the boy with his hands in his pockets or the cute kid in back with the glasses. So I'm sticking to my guess.

What year is that picture taken?

Jane Says said...

hmmm...this is a tough one! i think you are one of the younger kids in the family, right?? sooo- i think you are one of the two youngest kids in the photo. wait - aren't you the youngest? boy- i have a bad memory. ok -my guess is you are the youngest kid in the photo!

jrm said...

this picture was taken in 1972, and yes, i am the youngest.

so i guess yall can tell which one is the youngest, ha ha.

bug girl said...

Ooh, that was a good game. I figured it had to be an early 70's shot, but wasn't sure if your family was like mine and wore your fashions years after they went out of style. Thus the picture could have been a 1982 shot of your family.

Jane is so good at guessing. I was way off base.