Tuesday, May 13, 2008

bombs in jaipur

jenni sent me this link about bombs going off in jaipur - the pink city, a big tourist draw that's known for shopping (and scams). we weren't big fans of jaipur, and that's where we experienced the infamous gem scam attempt. but as jenni said in her email, "gem scams are not the only reason to avoid jaipur."

but i am sad to see this happen in india - its been over a year since the last bombing, and about a year before that was the big one at mumbai train station. india needs its tourism

article on cnn.com


venugopal said...

Kashmir, Azmir, Hyderabad, jaipur…….
Every one should condemn these activities and I expect true Indian never do these types of activities. Because of these activities common man doesn’t have security so please stop these activities. Interesting blog please watch my blog give your suggestions.
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Kenzie said...

hey joseph! I started blogging again. And I am going to be a heck of a lot better about it. my blog is kenzieshoe.blogspot.com