Saturday, March 08, 2008

a passage to india

so take a break from all the other blogs you read out there to have a look at jenni's trip to india. she is volunteering in a boy's home, assisting them with learning some film making for the next 5 weeks or so, then she will travel through northern india.

so for the next 2 months, its the best bet in blogging:

jenni's indiaspring blog


slwhitman said...

Sounds really interesting!

In other news, Seattle to Mexico City right now is $165. I'm highly tempted to take off and head to Mexico next month. Anyone want to join me?

jrm said...

that is a good price. you should go for sure.

Anonymous said...

Yo...I've got a co-worker who just started...his last name is Phonesavanh...after a quick google search, he looks like he could be Lao...before I make a fool of myself, is he?

stacer said...

Bah. Apparently that was the one-way price. Still good, but not as much of a steal. American Airlines betrayed me!

jrm said...

i am 99.99999% sure he's Lao. (if he was thai, they'd spell it differently, like polsawan or some other weird way) btw, who is this? tell your new coworkert that i eat padek.