Thursday, June 21, 2007


i am going to editorialize on this situation more than i should... but i am amazed at the resources the stockton police devoted to arresting these guys. i don't know that the gangs where i'm at are this organized. they seem to fluctuate, drying up a bit and then undergoing a recruitment surge. but i would be happy to see california devote as much energy and resources to prevention. (i don't know that they don't).
to oversimplify the situation: the u.s. gangs are a bi-product of american economics/racism, and unfortunately, the police intervention seems to be the method of choice to deal with it. but i like the trash-digging bit, and that they collected a blue rag as evidence.
read the article here - and check out the interesting comments by the recorder's readers:

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John said...

Hello my brother, just thought I would leave my comments on this one: Best prevention method: BSA (alright), Don't agree with your theory on the causes (but I know that doesn't surprise you... hehe).