Saturday, February 17, 2007


i applied for a new job. i will let you know what happens. no pictures to accompany this post; i tried to take a picture of me working on my resume, but it was blurry. so here are some good resume help sites i found:

but my friend katie is the best resume helper ever.


plainoldsarah said...

very clever to use your resources, and thanks for sharing the resources, although i'm content with my current job.

Laura said...


can you email me when you get a chance?


Dude, I thought you were going to tell me about the job you applied for! I talked to you the Sunday before the Friday you applied and that was 2 weeks ago (???) Hmmmm, "the Sunday before the Friday?" That sounds a bit wierd. Oh well, I'm tired, tee hee. American Idol rules! (I just had to say that!)

John said...

Alright Joseph... you finally took my advice and applied to work with the BSA!!! Way to go. Remember, the BSA is the best social services org in the world.

or... did you apply for your second choice, the RNC. Either way, you'll be much happier.

jrm said...

i am embarrased that we share the same last name. hehehe